The district of Sant Martí

Vibe on the street: residential, multicultural.
Famous for: this area is still waiting for its 15 minutes of fame.
The district of Sant Martí
  • As we mentioned before, Rambla Prim is a very pretty pedestrianised street, lined with trees and benches and popular with dog walkers and joggers. There is also a particularly beautiful park called Parc de Sant Martí that houses the quaint Church of Sant Martí de Provençals and a courtyard. And although it’s not in Sant Martí itself, there is also one of Barcelona’s most popular English cinemas in the neighbouring district, called Yelmo Cineplex Icaria. You can find it on Carrer Salvador Espriu, the nearest metro stop being Vila Olímpica, and it’s great for an afternoon of entertainment.

    Eating out

    Barcelona has some spectacular restaurants, however Sant Martí isn’t well known for its food scene and you’ll probably have to venture further afield for a real culinary experience. If you do however want to go somewhere within walking distance, there are a few restaurants on Carrer Pont de Treball. The first is El Ramblero, popular with locals and offering a great selection (especially its tapas) that would be double the price on Las Ramblas. The second is Sant Martí Restaurant just around the corner. It’s a smaller and more traditional spot for a bite to eat that uses seasonal and local ingredients.

    Apart from that, there isn’t really much else going on in Sant Martí in terms of eating out. There are a few bars here and there where you might be lucky enough to find something reasonable. In reality, it’s probably more advisable to take advantage of the great transport links and jump on the metro to somewhere more central.


    Like many other outlying districts of Barcelona, Sant Martí does leave a little to be desired when it comes to nightlife. However you can find a huge selection of bars and clubs just a metro ride away. Barcelona’s biggest super club, Razzmatazz, is less than 10 minutes away on the yellow line (Bogatell) or you can even get the tram there, getting off at Marina. Sant Martí does have a few sleepy bars and terraces but it’s probably better to see your apartment here as a base and find your fun elsewhere in the city.

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