The district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi.

Vibe on the street: well-to-do, bustling.
Famous for: Tibidabo to the north of the area has the best views possible across the city.
The district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi.
  • Now we’ve told you exactly how to get there, a trip to Tibidabo and the beautiful Sagrat Cor should be on the cards! The mountain stands 550 metres in height and the views are legendary. On a clear day you can see across to the Pyrenees and even Mallorca. The church of the Sagrat Cor (Sacred Heart) crowning its peak has become one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks and can be seen for miles around. It’s topped by a huge statue of Christ which is enduringly popular with tourists – many visitors come every weekend to take in its beauty and the surrounding panoramas.

    If you’re staying in Sarrià with your family and want to entertain them for a few hours, then CosmoCaixa is ideal. The city’s science museum has recently undergone a dramatic refurbishment which includes four subterranean levels and the Bosc Inundat (1000 square metres of real Amazonian rainforest!). There’s also a bubble planetarium which is great for younger kids and lots of interactive activities and shows during the holidays.

    Eating out

    Don’t let the décor fool you - Bar Tomás is the place to go for patatas bravas. People all over Barcelona will tell you about its reputation. It is utterly unassuming and the waiters aren’t the most charming, but the spicy potatoes with garlic mayo and salsa picante are fantastic. It’s not all they serve, but it might as well be.

    Located just off the Plaça de Sarrià with a lovely outdoor terrace, El Vell Sarrià is the perfect place for a family get-together. No frills, just traditional, wholesome Catalan cuisine with a strong focus on rice dishes.

    If you’re holidaying in Sarrià, take a stroll in the beautiful Turó Park before stopping at the originally named Bar Turó. It turns out reliably fresh tapas, pizza and pasta throughout the day. It has a relaxed atmosphere and the majority of people choose to sit on the street terrace and watch the world go by while enjoying a cerveza or two.


    Sarrià isn’t well-known for its nightlife and this is reflected in the lack of decent clubs in the area. Its saving grace is in the form of a cocktail bar called Gimlet, ideally located near the metro stop of Muntaner. This is a favourite hang-out with locals, especially during the summer months as they can take advantage of the outdoor area. Don’t expect your typical beverages here - they experiment with beer and frappe cocktails, as well as bringing out special seasonal selections.

    Another bar worth checking out for its spectacular views alone is Mirablau. This is a chic venue, complete with an outdoor terrace that lets you soak up the spectacular vistas while enjoying a cheeky cocktail. Otherwise, there isn’t a great deal in Sarrià to write home about. If you do choose to spend your city break here, you’re probably better off heading to nearby Gràcia for nightlife. Don’t forget that Sarrià does have good metro links, so heading down to the city centre for a night out is always an option.

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