Things to do in Barcelona in the rain

Stuck for ideas on what to do in Barcelona on a rainy day? Don't worry, there are plenty of options - including cultural visits, shopping and day trips out of the city.


We’ve Tried: Barcelona Hot Air Ballooning

Barcelona ballooning provides an unforgettable experience for anyone. It is number 7 on the “must do during your lifetime” in a survey of the British. It's an experience that will never be forgotten and you'll want more of.


Barcelona Airport – connecting between terminals

It is very probable that once at El Prat Airport you will need to connect with another flight or another terminal. This article will leave you question-free. Here, find out how to travel between terminal 1 and terminal 2 before getting on your plane.


Barcelona in winter – advice, accommodation & activities

Barcelona in winter is a fantastic city to visit. With its delicious foods and sweet treats, endless shopping opportunities, events, concerts and beautiful architecture, Barcelona is a great place to explore and is sure to brighten up your winter. Check out our guide for some winter highlights.

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Barcelona’s Only Cathedral

Cathedrals aren’t everybody’s thing but this one has an extra twist. Within the grounds of it there is actually a cloister which has 13 swans roaming about.The Barcelona Cathedral is worth a visit

Transport from Girona Airport to Barcelona

Are you coming to Barcelona using a low cost airline such as Ryanair? If so, it is highly likely that you will be flying to Girona Airport. In our article you will find out how to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona in taxi, bus or train. We will also give you some handy tips for your journey.

How To Find Food After A Night Out

Party nights in Barcelona are long and often it is necessary to keep your energy up. After reading this article you will know what, where and at what time you can eat.

La Paradeta – a seafood lover’s dream!

Convert to the cult of La Paradeta! Great seafood at very reasonable prices in this relaxed café-style restaurant in the charming Born district. Pick out the fish or shellfish that takes your fancy from an endless selection and have freshly prepared and cooked to your taste.

Barcelona Jazz festival

The 18th October sees the opening once more of the 41st annual Voll-damm International Jazz festival in Barcelona. The event has been extended to include the outskirts of Barcelona, with concerts in Viladecans, Sant...
Flotarium Barcelona

We’ve Tried: Weightlessness – The Barcelona Flotarium

In Barcelona's Flotarium, you can float for an entire hour in a sphere filled with salted water. It is a very unique and therapeutic experience. Here, you can find out in more depth about the Flotation in Barcelona and all the…

BAFF: Barcelona Asian Film Festival. A Bridge between European and Eastern Film

The East is not as far away as you think: April 30th will see the opening of the 12th edition of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival which will screen a selection of new, inspiring films from some of the best directors in Eastern cinema. Japan, South Korea, China and India are just a few of the many surprises this year.