Barcelona’s Most Unique Bars

Barcelona is a city with a booming nightlife. Across the city you will be able to find bars everywhere; it is one thing the city does not lack! The idea behind this post is to identify a number of bars that I believe stand out or have something unique about them and leave you wanting that bit more to come back next time.

1. Manchester Bar

– Expect worn furniture, slightly dimmed light, a good mojito. Hits from all the famous bands to come out of Manchester, such as Joy Division and The Smiths, infuse this establishment with the essence of the English city.

2. L’ Ovella Negra

– A huge barn styled bar. It has a high ceiling and is filled with long tables occupied by enthusiastic beer drinkers. Beer is served in overbearing pitchers or it can be topped up with sangria if you prefer! Beware of the hangover the next day though, it could slay a walrus!

Ovella Negra sangria
3. Champagnería

– Well known throughout the city. This ever-busy bar serves cheap Cava and tapas. It is legendary among the locals and tourists alike

4. Ice Bar

One experience you certainly won’t forget! The name says it all, a bar made out of ice! Cooled to -8 degrees Celsius, visitors are provided with gloves and a warm jacket before entering. Guests can drink cocktails from glasses made of ice while admiring art created by ice carvers from all over the world

Ice Bar
5. Espit Chupitos

With 2 of these in the city to choose from, these shot bars are the perfect way the kick start your night into overdrive! There’s a plethora of shots to choose from and you’ll be scratching your head at some of the names!

La Chupiteria

6. La Luna

Known to contain a very special atmosphere which never fails to impress. Close to the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral, bar staff are extremely friendly and make great cocktails as well

Logo La Luna oh Barcelona

7. Kasbah

Decorated with all things Moroccan, I once had a friend describe this as walking through an Arabian palace. Perhaps an overstatement but with cushions on the floor, low seats and grand curtains, it certainly possesses that sort of atmosphere

8. El Bosc de les Fades (the Forest of the Fairies)

– This bar has an atmosphere reminiscent of children’s fairy tales. There are giant toadstools for stools or you can cross the little bridge to the grotto. Background noises of distant storms, wild animals and forest sounds only help to enhance the experience!

9. La Cervesera Artesana

– This one makes the list due to the fact it brews its own beer. It prides itself on using only natural products and from the bar. Visitors can admire the micro-brewery through several windows

I’ve deliberately left this post with just 9 bars as I would like you, the reader, to get involved. I will add to my list the most interesting bar suggested making it a perfect 10!


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