Las Ramblas – the 10 best things to see

Las Ramblas is one of Barcelona’s busiest tourist attractions throughout the year and on many occasions only the negative aspects of it are considered.

However, today I want to remind you of all the fantastic things that transform this boulevard into a colourful and marvellous place, nullifying any negative aspects you may have heard of elsewhere.

1. Boqueria: The typical Barcelona market, with its fresh produce, aromas and colours create a perfect place for a photo.

2. “Palau Güell”: The Güell’s family luxurious house was built in 1886 and declared a ‘World Heritage site’ in 1986.

3. “Teatre de Liceu”: This was created in 1847 and today it is still Barcelona’s Opera House.

4. Mosaic on tiles: A circular mosaic, which is the work of the great Miró, can be found near the “Teatre del Liceu”

5. Wax museum: A beautiful museum which is home to a collection of wax figures.

6. Live statues: An endless number of artists who stand still until they receive a monetary contribution. There’s everything here – from dragons to Flamenco dancers!

Las Ramblas by puuikibeach Las Ramblas by RebeccaPollard

7. Painters: The majority of paintings touch on Spanish or ‘Barcelonan’ themes, such as flamenco, bullfighting or on some corner or another of the city. However, there are also cartoonists and artists who paint much more modern themes.

8. Animal stalls:
You can hear the sound of the birds, take a photo of their exotic colours and watch other animals play, such as rabbits or turtles.

9. Flower stalls: A huge variety of flowers of different sizes, shapes and colours are made. By the same token, you can buy seeds or floral arrangements, the latter being the ideal accessory for a romantic trip away.

10. Plaza Real: A stunning, historic square just off the main walkway. Keep an eye out for the intricate lampposts designed by Gaudi.

Plaça Reial by [wendy]

I’ve mentioned what I think are the most interesting parts of Las Ramblas, however, I don’t think any of these would be as important, fun or attractive if people weren’t there to see it, applaud it, laugh at it or cry at it. That’s why I’ve decided to grant another position, number 11, which is dedicated to everyone who walks down Las Ramblas.

Map of the Ramblas

How to get there:

Cataluyna image image
Liceu image
Drassanes image



    • Hey Veronica!
      Glad you enjoyed our article! I couldn’t agree more – La Rambla is such an interesting and exciting place to visit. Did you happen to see many human statues while you were there?


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