Souvenirs from Barcelona – how to hunt them down

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First things first. We realise that you may actually have arrived on this page in the mistaken belief you were about to find about about Souvenir, the gay nightclub in the outskirts of Barcelona. We hate to leave you disappointed, so instead of talking you through toilet roll holders in the shape of flamenco dancers, we thought you might like to take a look at our article on nightlife in the famous ‘Gaixample’.

Still up for info on actual souvenirs?

Great. Barcelona is definitely a tourist city, and on every corner you’ll find shops, stalls and stands selling souvenirs and traditional products, waiting to catch your eye. Here’s an idea of the things tourists typically buy, as well as some words of warning over what to avoid.

Food/wine souvenirs

According to Forbes Barcelona is one of the 5 top cities for food. So why not take home some Catalan specialties for your own friends and family?

Spanish sausages by Helen FlammeSpanish sausages

‘Fuet’ is similar to salami. The ‘fuet’ from Vic, a town near to Barcelona, is particularly well-known. There is also ‘Chorizo’, the red-coloured sausage typical of Spain, ‘jamón dulce e serrano’, cooked or cured ham, which is called ‘pernil’ in Catalan and ‘sobrassada mallorquina’, a sausage-meat made from pork, paprika and salt.


The ‘Queso de cabra’– goat’s cheese- is particularly well-reputed.

Catalan sauces

All-i-oli’, a sort of garlic-flavoured mayonnaise, ‘salsa brava’, a red-coloured spicy sauce that goes brilliantly with potatoes, ‘romesco’ sauce with almonds, tomatoes, garlic, vinegar and olive oil, and ‘samfaina’, a sauce made with aubergine and peppers.

Catalan confectionary

‘Carquinyolis’, made with almonds, ‘panallets’, marzipan confectionary, ‘boniato’, “sweet, red potatoes” and pine-nuts. These are typical during the winter season.


Spanish sparkling wine is from this region and it would be a shame not to take a bottle home with you. Both the white and rose versions are delicious.

A souvenir from Barcelona to last forever

A piece of Gaudí

From his house: there are mugs, plates, ashtrays, diaries, candles, posters and ornaments with his mosaic themes. Specifically, Gaudi’s salamander, which is located at the entrance to Parc Guell, is a souvenir that represents Barcelona well, but is not obvious due to the fact that not everybody knows about it.

A CD with Catalan music

Every place you go, take some music from that place. Some advice? Try a CD by the duo Estopa, Antoni Font, Pastora, Gossos.

A reminder of the legendary FC Barça

This team is an institution and if you are fans of football you cannot leave back home without a Barça mug, shirt, or baseball cap.

A porrón

A ununsually shaped wine bottle, typical of Catalonia and Aragón.

Porrón by El Tabernero Hard Rock Cafe by Robert Pools Glasgow Collection

A hand-made souvenir from a young artist

You can find curious, yet at the same time traditional souvenirs in the bookshops for the MACBA and CCCB museums and the art libraries that are within the immediate vicinity. A couple of examples would be the works of Núria López, the name of whose art is la Virgen de los Broches’ (“the Virgin of pins”), or a jewel from her Bandada collection. These latter works use Spanish birds as themes, which are at risk of extinction.

The Catalan donkey

There are t-shirts and mugs with the symbol of symbols from Barcelona.

A home-made souvenir from the Ramblas

For example a clock made from a vinyl record, painted while you wait, a frame just made from a strip of iron and some pliers, a painting ‘painted’ with a spray-can or a fan with the image of one of Barcelona’s monuments.

Books – Cathedral of the Sea or Shadow of the Wind by Ildefonso Falcones

Novels set in the Barcelona of yesteryear for lovers of literature.

Classic choices

such as key rings, bags, brooches, a snow-globe with one of Barcelona’s monuments. It won’t be a particularly original souvenir, but for example if you collect snow-globes it would be a shame not to have one from the Catalan capital. The same goes for postcards.

A T-shirt from Barcelona’s Hard Rock Café

Another none-too original souvenir, but a real must for lovers of the chain and for collectors. However, avoid bags with just Barcelona written on them- they’re so boring! Or a t-shirt with ‘I love Barcelona’- very tacky!


Souvenirs you absolutely shouldn’t buy

A sombrero

There isn’t a Spanish version of this and even though Barcelona is situated between two rivers neither of them is the Rio Bravo! Sombreros are Mexican- not Spanish.

A flamenco outfit

If you aren’t able to resist the temptation and you end up buying one, you should know that it’s typical from Andalucia and not Catalonia.

A big no to bullfighting

You can take souvenirs of this type back with you from Barcelona although bullfighting has been forbidden in Catalonia. Every spanish region has its typical animal and catalan is a donkey.

Sombreros by gruntzooki Souvenirs by Gabri le Cabri


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  1. You have presented Barcelona, so WELL!!*

    What a city FULL OF “STUFF” to see,admire, and do!!

    No wonder my father and mother enjoyed vacationing there!!

    I can only hope that one day (or more lol!), I will be able to visit Barcelona. This has opened my eyes to marvels, I knew nothing about.

    Take care!!

    Warm regards,


    • Hi Kathy,

      Great to hear you love Barcelona! It truely is a great city! I also hope that you get the opportunity to visit this wonderful city one day! If we can help you with any advice on the city or accommodation please do not hesitate to get in touch!


  2. I lived in Austria for 25 years. Visited Spain once,that was many many years ago and I visited Andalusia.
    This time I will go To Barcelona..very soon in May. I am so awaiting for this day to come! I am so excited!

    Shirley from Malaysia

    • Hi Shirley!

      Great to hear that you will be coming to Barcelona! It’s a great city with loads to see! If we can help you with any advice on accommodation or places to visit please do not hesitate to get in touch!


  3. Hi there I will be arriving this saturday!!! Yay!!! Do you have any suggestions on events and activities. As well as the restrictions regarding bring food, wine and oil back to the US.


  4. Hi,
    We’re looking at going to Barcelona next year but we are unsure if there are any limits on what foods we can bring back to the UK. Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Guys i will visit Barcelona next month and I am looking for some souvenirs (like Magnet, t-shirt, Gaudi, miniature of Sagrada Familia) do u know where to buy? Thanks

    • Hey Heru!
      Awesome, I hope you’re excited about your trip! As for souvenirs, I wouldn’t worry about where to buy them, you’ll find stalls selling souvenirs all over the city with the majority being concentrated in the Gothic area and on La Rambla. If you’re buying multiple items you can normally haggle with the vendor and get a good discount 🙂
      Happy shopping!

  6. Dear James,

    I will be arriving to Barcelona Tuesday the 11th september 2012, any advice to where can get a cheap taxi to drop me to ibis Barcelona Pza Glories 22 Barcelona from Barcelona airport? and where can i find tourist guides with cheap prices and maps of Barcelona?


    • Hi Garabet,

      When you arrive at El Prat, you’ll find several taxi ranks going to the city from both terminals – though be prepared to wait in line for some time during peak times. A typical fare is between €25 and €30 with one of the standard black and yellow Barcelona taxis.

      An even cheaper option is to take the aerobus that goes from El Prat to Plaça Catalunya for only €5.65. From there you can take the Red Metro line to Glòries, not too far from where you are wanting to get to. If you have a lot of luggage, though, it might be worth taking a taxi!

      As for tourist guides, you’ll find them in the newstands that line the streets and most of these guides come complete with a map!

      Enjoy your stay!

  7. What is the cheapest way from Bcn airport to Tripledos B&b, Arigo 222,Eixample 08011 BCN? Take taxi or bus to P. Catalunya?

    • Hi Alvin,
      The cheapest way if staying in the city for a few days is to take the train. You can buy a 10 journey ticket called the “T-10”, which works for metro and bus rides, for €9.80 at the Airport station and the ride to Passeig de Gràcia station in the city centre (which is 5 minutes walking from the address you gave) counts as just one journey.
      Enjoy your stay!

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