How to select & prepare fresh seafood in Barcelona

Apart from its cultural and artistic delights, Barcelona is a foodies’ paradise. Strolling through its markets, you’ll come across a huge variety of fresh fish and seafood, at affordable prices. Read on to find out how to select and prepare the perfect fish supper in your Barcelona holiday apartment.

Barcelona’s best snaps – Facebook fan photos

The results are in! After careful deliberation, we have selected our personal favourites from the fantastic selection of Barcelona photos taken by our facebook fans. A great job everyone! We are always happy to see others enjoying the city that we love so much.
Statues on the Ramblas

The Statues Of Las Ramblas – Barcelona’s Creative Works

The statues along the Ramblas are one of Barcelona’s many attractions: which statues can you find here? And what are they hiding behind the mask? The statues tell us of their experience. Everybody, even adults but most especially children are astounded by the variety of costumes on show, which make the most famous road in Barcelona such a characteristic place.

Interview with Juanma García – Passionate Artist of Barcelona

Juanma García Escobar is an illustrator and winner of the prestigious ‘La Rosa de la Vanguardia’ competition for this year. In our interview, we get a little closer and find out more about this passionate artist and illustrator of Barcelona. He also revelas why he thinks this is the perfect city for creative people.