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The 10 most important traditions in Catalonia

Catalonia is full of Culture, a trip to Barcelona wouldn´t be possible without experiencing the wide and wonderful range of traditions and culture the city has to offer, Here is an insight into the 10 most important and whacky traditions in Catalonia Spain, from Sardana to a Caganer

Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas in Barcelona is a magical time. With so many seasonal traditions, markets, lights, nativity scenes and food, a visit to the city is bound to get you in the festive spirit. Read on for your guide to the Christmas period in the Catalan capital.

The CCCB – Barcelona’s centre of contemporary culture

The CCCB, Barcelona's centre for contemporary culture, organises displays, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and many other kinds of events. With its varied programme, you're bound to find something that takes your fancy on your holiday in Barcelona.
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All about the Catalan language

There's no doubt that the Catalan people are extremely proud of their language and the history it represents. Catalan is thriving and you'll come across it everywhere in Barcelona, making it worth your while checking out this article about its difficult past and modern-day position in Spain.

Forget flamenco – Catalonia’s all about the sardana

If you’re aiming to immerse yourself in real Catalan traditions during your time in Barcelona, forget flamenco. The unique and technically difficult circle dance of the sardana is the one to look out for.

Gaudí’s La Pedrera – a building you won’t forget

Gaudí’s last residential project, La Pedrera, is one of the most photographed buildings in Barcelona. But to truly understand the uniqueness of this highly unusual house, you have to venture inside...
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Barcelona – capital of Catalonia

Many people who visit Barcelona arrive thinking they're in for an authentically Spanish experience. But the city also has a very distinct role as the capital of Catalonia - a proud region with a separate history and culture all of its own. Learn how Barcelona differs from other parts of Spain, and what to expect on your stay in the Catalan capital.

El Tablao de Carmen – top flamenco shows in Barcelona

For quality, authentic Flamenco shows, no need to head south. El Tablao de Carmen in Barcelona is the best show around and is the top choice for anyone looking for the real thing.