Jet ski hire – pure fun in the sun

Barcelona Jet Ski provides some great adrenaline-pumping water activities from half hour jet ski rentals to half day and full day excursions. It’s the best fun under the sun.
live football barcelona

The best bars to watch football in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to one of the best football teams in the world and unsurprisingly it's not only Camp Nou that's packed to the rafters when they play - it's also the city's bars and pubs. Cheer along with the locals, grab a hamburger or watch your local team from home - whatever you fancy, check out our guide to the best bars in town.

Experience Stand Up Paddle Surf- the New Wave of Surfing

Ever wanted to try surfing, but never quite plucked up the courage to hit the waves? Well, with the power of a paddle, SUP is the ultimate way to wash away your worries and get you UP on the board!
FCBarca by neoMagic

FC Barcelona – global success with local roots

Forget the Sagrada Família, the real adoration in Barcelona takes place at FC Barcelona’s home ground Camp Nou. We explore how this legendary club transformed football in Barcelona into a religion.

Fitness in Barcelona- your guide to jogging, cycling and skating routes

Many people come to Barcelona merely to relax, put their feet up and enjoy the wonderful sights of the city, while others like to keep fit on their holidays. Whatever you have in mind, we’ve come up with this guide to fitness in Barcelona to suit your specific needs.

Barcelona World Race 2010

The Barcelona World Race 2010 is one of the biggest events in the city's sporting calendar this year. This prestigious race will begin and end in Barcelona - quite an honour for the city. This 46,300km race is sure to be fiercely contested, as always. Check out our article for information.
Barcelona's 49th International Boat Show

Barcelona International Boat Show 2010 – come aboard

The Barcelona International Boat Show 2010 has something for everyone, whether you are a nautical enthusiast or you simply like the smell of the sea air. Filled with exciting activities and products there is no wonder why some 70% of all the boat sales in Spain are initiated here.

Formula 1 – Spanish Grand Prix 2014

The Spanish Grand Prix 2011 comes to Barcelona once again and that means the Formula 1 glamour will descend upon the city once again. Here is your guide to the event including all the important information that you will need; including transport advice and how to get tickets for this prestigious event.

We’ve Tried: The Barcelona Inline Skating Survival Guide

An experience of inline skating in Barcelona including the health and therapy benefits, and where you can go for classes with the timestables and pricing

Learn how to sail in Barcelona in 3 hours …

Take the unique opportunity to learn how to sail with Business Yachtclub Barcelona. They offer everything from sailing activities for groups of friends and families to company events, boat rentals and sailing courses.