Cirque du Soleil in Barcelona – the circus comes to town!

Back in Barcelona for what promises to be another sell-out run, Cirque du Soleil is in town with a mesmerizing mixture of classical acrobatics and innovative theatre. Introducing Corteo!

Barcelona Mil-lenni Festival 2011-2012

The Mil-lenni Music Festival is returning once again to Barcelona. Prepare yourselves for five months of performances from talented artists across many genres. From jazz, to folk, to pop, the Mil-lenni Festival caters for all music tastes.

We’ve Tried: La Mercè

La Mercè is one of the biggest occasions on the calendar for people in Barcelona. This festival, which celebrates the patron saint of the city, is an explosion of colour, music, fireworks and dancing. Find out what we thought of last year's event (2010).

The Sound of Barcelona – Music from and Inspired by the City.

Take advantage of the different types of live music that Barcelona has to offer. Many artists have been influenced or inspired by the city, including a wide selection of genres and styles. This is a great way to discover the best live music spots in Barcelona.

The Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2011

The annual Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is an inspirational event, exposing all manner of issues concerning the gay community. This year promises to be the best yet, with the festival celebrating its 11th anniversary. Find out the highlights, watch trailers and see full listings of films with our article.

We’ve Tried: Poema – Barcelona 4 guitar concert

Where? The concert takes place in the Basilica Santa Maria Del Pi, a mystical location, relatively near to the busy hub of the Ramblas...

Come to the Matinée Summer Festival at “Illa Fantasia”

Summer arrives with the Matinée Summer Festival, enjoy the fabulous rides of the water park whilst enjoying the best house music sessions of the year. On Sunday 12th June the water park will gather together some of the best European artists around. Get ready to be blown away by a spectacular day of water park attractions, good atmosphere and the best sounds around from the Matinée All Star DJs.

Jazz Festival Barcelona – 46th edition

The 43rd edition of the Barcelona Jazz Festival returns on 20th October with a seemingly infinite amount of national and international artists in many locations in Barcelona. Our article tells you everything you need to know about the Barcelona Jazz Festival and the best places to experience Barcelona’s jazz scene

The Barcelona Guitar Festival (Festival de la Guitarra)

This event is popular for it line up and importance to music lovers. The festival is particularly noteworthy for its great variety of music and the different trends it brings from the world of the guitar; ranging from classic to avant-garde and for involving song writers and local artists.

ArtFutura 2014 – Barcelona’s festival reborn

ArtFutura is the most renowned Festival of Culture and Digital Creation in Spain. Held every year simultaneously in several Spanish cities it includes a number of projections and exhibitions. Barcelona is usually the centre of the action, however this year Spanish people are a little puzzled as the majority of entertainment will be held in … Buenos Aires! But don't worry; there is still a lot to see especially if you are in Barcelona.