Sitges carnaval

Sitges Carnival 2014 – when a town becomes a stage

This small town near Barcelona puts on one of the biggest and best carnivals in the world. Find out why hundreds of thousands of revellers descend on Sitges for a week of vibrant colour,unique traditions and unrestricted fun.

Sónar 2014 – electronica in Barcelona

Last year over 80,000 people enjoyed this festival and it is increasingly seen as the highlight of Barcelona’s crammed cultural agenda. Stylish, fun and effortlessly modern, Sónar is now seen as one of the best festivals of its kind.
Barcelona's 49th International Boat Show

Barcelona International Boat Show 2010 – come aboard

The Barcelona International Boat Show 2010 has something for everyone, whether you are a nautical enthusiast or you simply like the smell of the sea air. Filled with exciting activities and products there is no wonder why some 70% of all the boat sales in Spain are initiated here.

Barcelona’s Grec Festival 2014 – a month of music, theatre, dance and circus

Throughout July, Barcelona hosts the much anticipated Grec Festival. It's a summer stalwart that features a jam-packed programme of concerts, theatrical shows, dancing and the odd bit of circus tomfoolery. Even better, most events take place in the unique atmosphere of a secluded amphitheatre cut into a Montjuïc cliff.

Tour de France in Barcelona

If you're a cycling fan living in or thinking of coming to Barcelona then now is the time to get excited as cycling's biggest event is coming to the city!!

La Mercè 2014 – from past to present

It's one of the most hotly anticipated events of the Barcelona calendar - yes, it's September's Festa de la Mercè. A 4-day festival that offers music, art, street performers and a fair few fire-breathing dragons, just for fun. Find out more about what this year's La Mercè has in store.

Pope to Visit Barcelona

This November, Pope Benedict XVI will visit the Catalonian capital to consecrate Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia. Find out all about his plans for his trip to Barcelona, how you can see him during his time here and some interesting facts that you might not already know about the Pontiff.

The Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2011

The annual Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is an inspirational event, exposing all manner of issues concerning the gay community. This year promises to be the best yet, with the festival celebrating its 11th anniversary. Find out the highlights, watch trailers and see full listings of films with our article.

We’ve Tried: Poema – Barcelona 4 guitar concert

Where? The concert takes place in the Basilica Santa Maria Del Pi, a mystical location, relatively near to the busy hub of the Ramblas...

Barcelona’s fire festival – get ready for Sant Joan 2014

On 23 June Barcelona gives a fiery welcome to the official start of summer - the festival of Sant Joan. The beach comes alive with bonfires, fireworks and people dancing till the wee small hours. Read on to find out how to join in the celebrations.