Barcelona's 49th International Boat Show

Barcelona International Boat Show 2010 – come aboard

The Barcelona International Boat Show 2010 has something for everyone, whether you are a nautical enthusiast or you simply like the smell of the sea air. Filled with exciting activities and products there is no wonder why some 70% of all the boat sales in Spain are initiated here.
How to spend the Three Kings Day in Barcelona

The Three Wise Men in Barcelona

Santa Claus is possibly the most beloved character among children around the world, as it is thanks to him that the little ones in...

Come to the Matinée Summer Festival at “Illa Fantasia”

Summer arrives with the Matinée Summer Festival, enjoy the fabulous rides of the water park whilst enjoying the best house music sessions of the year. On Sunday 12th June the water park will gather together some of the best European artists around. Get ready to be blown away by a spectacular day of water park attractions, good atmosphere and the best sounds around from the Matinée All Star DJs.
Maratón Barcelona 2011

Barcelona Marathon 2011

The Marathon of Barcelona was held for the first time in 1987 in the suburbs of the city. In 2005 a total revamp of the marathon gave it a new popularity that it fully deserved. Over 10,000 participants each year take part. Check out this article to find out more about the race and how to take part.

Festa Major de Gràcia 2014 – Barcelona’s August carnival

The Fiesta Mayor de Gracia returns to Barcelona this August, so why not join the thousands of locals and tourists that flock to enjoy this week-long celebration? With decorated streets, traditional food, wine tasting and a carnival atmosphere all around the barrio, we’re sure you’ll love this taste of the real Barcelona.

ArtFutura 2014 – Barcelona’s festival reborn

ArtFutura is the most renowned Festival of Culture and Digital Creation in Spain. Held every year simultaneously in several Spanish cities it includes a number of projections and exhibitions. Barcelona is usually the centre of the action, however this year Spanish people are a little puzzled as the majority of entertainment will be held in … Buenos Aires! But don't worry; there is still a lot to see especially if you are in Barcelona.

Sonar Kids

The concept of “Family Leisure” is lovely, really, but not always very thrilling? Why can’t we share our interests with our kids? Parents gather round, with over 40 exciting workshops, Sonar Kids is an electronic art music festival that you will actually both enjoy. We have a full programme of events for you and your kids.

Barcelona Mil-lenni Festival 2011-2012

The Mil-lenni Music Festival is returning once again to Barcelona. Prepare yourselves for five months of performances from talented artists across many genres. From jazz, to folk, to pop, the Mil-lenni Festival caters for all music tastes.

Formula 1 – Spanish Grand Prix 2014

The Spanish Grand Prix 2011 comes to Barcelona once again and that means the Formula 1 glamour will descend upon the city once again. Here is your guide to the event including all the important information that you will need; including transport advice and how to get tickets for this prestigious event.

Gay Pride 2014 – Barcelona

Barcelona at its best and most alive, a week packed with culture, debate, parties, film, sport and entertainment. Barcelona once again stands up and over as a diverse and respectful city. One of the for sure good time parades of the year.