Looking for a bar serving beer for 1€ in Barcelona? We know where to find it!

Looking for a bar in Barcelona to go have a cheap beer?
Do you fancy a cool beer after work, when taking a long walk along the Rambla or simply to chat with friends at the beach?
Why not at a cheap and completely unique place?
In Barcelona it is actually possible!
There is a large selection of bars in Barcelona – from the real classics in the tourist area surrounding the Rambla to the more characteristic spots in the Gótico. There are also other special very independent bars in Raval, the small ‘chiringuitos’ or beach bars in Barceloneta and the wine cellars of the Eixample.

Oh-Barcelona decided to write this article since in a city as large as Barcelona it is very common to find that most bars near the centre charge prices for tourists and are therefore much higher.

For those unaware of these little gems scattered around the city centre a typical “bar crawl” experience can be quite costly when you don’t know where to go.

  cheap beer in Barcelona cheap beer in Barcelona  

So why not drop in on one of the following bars before a night out on the town to have a beer for just 1€?
All the bars are very near the city centre and the area around Plaza Catalunya so are well-connected although a little hidden.

Before finishing we would like to offer one last piece of advice – moderate your consumption of beer. Enjoy a drink in good company but be sensible!
Have a good night out and lots of fun in Barcelona!

Do you know any other bars where you can have a beer for 1€? Or other bars with similar promotions or advantages? Has our article been useful? Share your opinion with us.


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