How To Find Food After A Night Out

Barcelona is a city with one of the best nightlife scenes in the whole of Europe, and therefore it’s natural that both tourists and local residents should enjoy a drink in one of the many different bars and nightclubs around the city. Due to the fact that Barcelona’s nightlife can get going early (at about 8 p.m.), and come to a conclusion even earlier (8 in the morning), often it’s necessary to have something to eat outside of conventional hours. But whereabouts can this be found? And at what time?

Frankfurt: These traditional German restaurants can be found throughout Barcelona, although they are more common in areas such as Eixample and Gracia. The majority of them are open until two in the morning, and happen to be the perfect place to grab something quick and very tasty to eat, either before heading to the first bar (10 p.m.), or before going clubbing (1 a.m.)

Find a Frankfurt

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It is very easy to find places selling this kind of food up until 5 a.m. They are abundant throughout the centre, especially in the Barrio Gotico and the Raval. These are the perfect solution when you want something to eat if you have dedided to finish up the party ‘early’.

Find a Kebab

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Find a Falafel

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Find a Shawarma

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Samosa: a pakistani speciality, made from a base of potatoes, which can be found in the Ramblas at 5 o’clock in the morning, the time at which some of the clubs in the area close (Moog, Felini, Les Enfants, Sidercar, Karma), so if you are tired and don’t fancy trudging to a place that sells food, this is the best option. Pakistanis are gifted sellers and usually they can be found near to a disco that is closing, however this is by no means a guarantee that you’ll always be able to find someone.

Find a Samosa

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Croissanteries: Up until now, all of the foods mentioned are savoury and also pretty heavy duty, however it is also posible to find a croissanterie that stays open until 5.30 a.m. I have to say that personally I always look for something savoury after going to a club, so I don’t know many croissanteries which are open at this time. On the map I have indicated one, however if you know of any others, I will be happy to add them here:

Find a croissanterie

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Burger King: A much less traditional but nevertheless equally effective option when hunger strikes is the extremely well-known American fast-food chain, which is located in Las Ramblas and is open until 6 in the morning

How to get to Burger King

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Chiringuitos: Near to the larger clubs in the city, there are many chiringuito places which are open until 7 o’ clock in the morning. The menu is simple: churros (fried doughnuts), crisps, coffee, water or beer, everything you need in order to recuperate the energy necessary for getting home. Therefore I haven’t made a map as these are rather spread around the city, but if you are heading to Razzmataz, Opium, Shoko, Apolo, Rock 14, Bikini, BeCool, La Sal, Costa Breve, Sutton or Nick Havana you should definately be able to find one.

Dónde encontrar comida después de una noche de copas

This should be the end of the list, however I know that many people in Barcelona have the custom of keeping on dancing and drinking even after 7 a.m., and so if you do wish to eat something between 7 and 8 a.m. any of the bakeries around the city will be open by this time. As of 8 a.m. you will be able to enjoy a good breakfast in any of the city’s cafés. Now, all I have left to say is Chin chin and bon apétit!


    • typical..the writer must be English or are in Barcelona for God’s sake..Catalunya even Spain..

      ..and all you can find to talk about are bloody samosas..kebabs..falafel and Burger King!!

      get a life or go home..Grupo Reloj have bars with food all over the city centre..Via Laietana (3) Gran Via (3-4)Estacion de Francia – opp (1) plus many others closing only for two hours a night between 4.30 – 6.30..

      before you line the pockets of grasping in-comers try supporting the locals..and give up buying your warm over-priced beers from Pakistanis in the street and on the beaces..and support the local traders who pay rents..taxes..iva etc..

      forget the EasyJet culture and behave like ‘guests’ in your host city..

      and remember you’ll never be mugged or have your pocket picked by a Catalan or Spaniard..

      ..and I thought things were getting better..

      • James,

        Thanks very much for your comments, especially the extra information on places to go. If you would like to share any extra info in more detail, then we would love to update the article to include more local establishments.

        As it happens, I agree that we should support local traders, although sometimes it is more convenient for a guest in the city to just use the first seller they see.

        So let us know if you would like to be referenced in the article with this extra info, and we will update it to suit those looking for local establishments, along with the typical ‘tourist dives’.


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