Iranian and French films in Barcelona

Iranian and French films in Barcelona

One of the best things about Barcelona is its wide and incredibly rich cultural offer. Art, music and cinema are some of the city’s main protagonists, and it is hard to find a weekend where there isn’t something going on – almost impossible, in fact! The attractive cultural offer of the city is so wide that locals often have trouble deciding among the many events that are held… And the month of March isn’t going to be any different! In the following lines we’ll focus on two film festivals smaller than Barcelona’s most famous ones (which you can read about in our article about cinema festivals in Barcelona), but that have an equally interesting selection of films. Keep reading to find out all about them!

French films in Barcelona

The Olalà! festival seems to have arrived to stay. This independent French film festival is being celebrated for the first time between the Institut Français of Barcelona and the popular Texas cinemas. Even if French cinema has a big presence in the city, this is the first festival of the sort. From the 1st to the 8th of March you will be able to enjoy 10 films that had never been premièred in the country plus a retrospective of film director Cédric Klapish, known for movies like L’auberge Espagnol.

Iranian films in Barcelona

But France isn’t going to be the only protagoniss of this month’s big screens, as Casa Asia starts a cycle on Iranian film that will help the locals discover that Iran is not to be ignored concerning filmmaking. Unlike the Ohlalà film festival, this is not the first time Casa Asia organises such a program,but stays loyal to its purpose of projecting productions by the new generations of Iranian filmmakers. Enjoy a different movie every Saturday until the 14th of April in the Girona cinemas for only 3,5 euros!

As you can see, anyone who’s a bit hungry for culture has a lot to do in Barcelona, thanks to these amazing opportunities to enjoy works that are not so easy to access in regular cinemas. Enjoy!

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