We’ve Tried: Weightlessness – The Barcelona Flotarium

    Flotarium Barcelona

    Do you need to disconnect from the stress of Barcelona? Well, at the Flotarium you will be able to float weightlessly.

    A flotarium is a large, futuristic plastic sphere, filled with 600 litres of water and 300 kilos of salt, which is sourced from the Dead Sea. The large quantity of salt makes the body move upwards towards the surface of the water. The weightless quality that it generates makes it so that the body weighs nothing. In addition, the sphere can be closed, meaning that no noise or light can enter the interior of the sphere.

    Too much information? Well, let me give you an exact insight into this new and unusual way of chilling out.

    First of all, I was asked by the very charming receptionist to read the instructions. Information sheets were available in different languages, including English, in order that everything was extremely clear. However, one particular thing did make me a little bit disconcerted: it was mentioned that during the first 10 minutes it is possible to experience pain in the nape of the neck and in the back, since these are the places where any type of tension is centralised.

    It was something I hadn’t imagined; the reason I was going to the Flotarium in the first place was because of my backache! Each of the plastic spheres is located in a private room, where you also have a shower. After a short demonstration upon how to open and close the sphere, use the lights, and what to do should any water get into your eyes, I was left alone.

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    There I was, in a room filled with crepuscular light, and in front of me, there was a huge, spherical container. “Well, here we go…”, I thought, and after having a shower I got into the sphere. The water was at body temperature: a very pleasant 36 degrees.

    The first few seconds are a little strange; you can’t actually believe that the water would keep you afloat…But it does.The buttons located on the inside of the sphere enable you to open and re-close the door lock. There is also a button which allows you to turn the subtle red lights on and off.

    At last, I decided to enjoy the experience and chill out, and so I closed up the sphere. I felt as if I had little space, although it wasn’t a feeling of claustrophobia.In the beginning, I found it really difficult to relax into. We have so many daily stimuli that we’re not used to completely turning away from them and switching off. The sensation of weightlessness is very unusual, but after 20 minutes you get used to it and begin not to feel your body at all. Your skin takes on a velvety quality, little bubbles forming upon the surface of it.

    At some point, you can also manage to disconnect from time itself, although I found this rather difficult to do. After an hour the lights in the room are turned on, meaning your escape from reality has come to an end.

    The shower is fully equipped so you don’t need to bring anything along. There is even a dryer, as well as hair products and cosmetics, so that you can leave feeling completely refreshed.

    To have an hour outside of this dynamic world was fantastic for my back, and I also slept like a baby afterwards. I highly recommend taking advantage of the chance to visit the Flotarium in Barcelona – you will love it!

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