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Train from Barcelona to Valencia

Book a train from Barcelona to Valencia with Rail Ninja!

In the last decades, the plane has become the preferred mean of transportation in pleasure trips for almost everybody. We can't deny that it...
Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona - Gowithoh

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

For the meat eaters it must be hard to conceive being in Barcelona and keep your vegetarian or vegan vows... The seafood tapas, the...
Best ice-cream parlours in Barcelona - Gowithoh

The best ice cream parlours in Barcelona

If you live in Barcelona, or if you've travelled there in the summer, you must be familiar with its heat and humidity, a lethal...
Open air cinema Sala Montjuic

‘Cinema a la fresca’ and other outdoor activities in Barcelona

Are you going to Barcelona this summer? If so, you should know that the city organises several outdoors activities during the summer to take advantage...
Tapas Barcelona - Gowithoh

Tapas Barcelona: A tapas tour in carrer Blai

Barcelona is an exciting, vibrant city. There is a lot of art and architecture, an it makes for intense sightseeing sessions, but many people...
Bar Marsella in Barcelona

Bar Marsella, one of the most iconic places of Barcelona

There are many iconic places in Barcelona, but we could distinguish two kinds - the unique tourist attractions such as the singular Sagrada Familia,...

The CCCB – Barcelona’s centre of contemporary culture

The CCCB, Barcelona's centre for contemporary culture, organises displays, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and many other kinds of events. With its varied programme, you're bound to find something that takes your fancy on your holiday in Barcelona.
hikes around Barcelona - Gowithoh

Walk your socks off around Barcelona’s hills

Barcelona’s exceptional location is its greatest strength, with the Collserola Mountains offering not just a backdrop to life in the city, but the ideal setting for a quick escape to the country. All in the space of an afternoon. Join us as we head to the hills to see what Barcelona's great outdoors has to offer.
Barcelona 3D

Barcelona 3D video – a virtual tour of Barcelona

This 3D video has been created by the team at Oh-Barcelona.com to present Barcelona, the city we love and live, from a perspective no one has seen before. Whatever your reasons are for visiting Barcelona, you will enjoy taking this trip around the city’s most popular sights without even leaving your chair.

Learn how to sail in Barcelona in 3 hours …

Take the unique opportunity to learn how to sail with Business Yachtclub Barcelona. They offer everything from sailing activities for groups of friends and families to company events, boat rentals and sailing courses.