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MACBA – Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum

Barcelona has a range of top-class museums, and the MACBA undoubtedly falls into this category. Situated in the centre of the city, the MACBA plays host to the best in Catalan contemporary art, along with some great exhibitions by artists from further afield. The museum is even worth seeing for its architecture alone.

Articket Barcelona – your passport to the best art in town

If you’ve come to Barcelona to visit the works of the likes of Picasso, Joan Miró, Gaudí and other artists then this is the ticket for you. An Articket with Ticketbar gives you access Barcelona’s top art galleries.

ArtFutura 2014 – Barcelona’s festival reborn

ArtFutura is the most renowned Festival of Culture and Digital Creation in Spain. Held every year simultaneously in several Spanish cities it includes a number of projections and exhibitions. Barcelona is usually the centre of the action, however this year Spanish people are a little puzzled as the majority of entertainment will be held in … Buenos Aires! But don't worry; there is still a lot to see especially if you are in Barcelona.

The artistic side of Barcelona and its architecture

These exciting tours focus on Barcelona’s most revered architect and highlight the work of Antonio Gaudi, including works ranging from La Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell. Juliá Travel can help you see the most important aspects of Barcelona in just a few hours from the comfort of an Air-conditioned bus on JULIA TRAVEL-ART TOUR.