Barcelona 3D video – a virtual tour of Barcelona

Barcelona 3D invites you to join us for an amazing city tour across Barcelona in 3D.

The following video has been created by our team to present Barcelona, the city we love and live, from a perspective no one has seen before.

Whether you are a local, have never been to Barcelona or are planning your next trip to Catalonia’s capital – Barcelona in 3D presents you with a route along the most popular and best sights of the city.
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Find out more about the sights in the video

Check out all of the main Barcelona sights covered in the video. Just click on any to view them in the map below!


    • Hi Angie!

      Glad you like the video I’m afraid at the moment we only have a version in english but we will make a spanish version in the near future. You can check out our spanish blog and here you will find the same information in the english blog but in spanish. If your planning a trip to the city do not hesitate to contact us!

  1. i have been to Barcelona and think your video is great for someone who has not been there and want a quick introduction to the city. well done.

    in fact I will be visiting the city again end March.

    do you know if Park Guell is opened as I understand there is some renovation taking place there.


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