The top 5 weekend trips from Barcelona

Busy summer? Not having the time or the budget to go on a long holiday doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole season brooding at home – how about planning a weekend trip (or several!) to help you survive a summer full of work? It sure is annoying to see how all your friends enjoy the sun while you stay home being responsible, but there is a way of making the most of it. If you’re living in Barcelona you are in a privileged location to enjoy the summer as much as anybody else. You don’t believe us? Take a look at these 5 top weekend trips from Barcelona.

Weekend trips from Barcelona: Cadaqués

The incredibly beautiful town of Cadaqués is one of Catalonia’s most beloved destinations among locals and foreigners. This picturesque fishermen’s village is of great importance in Catalan culture thanks to its ties to some of the most important Catalan creators, such as artists Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró or writer Josep Pla. You will be delighted by walking along the shore and the beautiful Modernist-style streets, and if you like Instagramming prepare to have your fill, as the picturesque white houses and colourful boats at the beach will surely look incredibly beautiful in your feed. Cadaqués is located at a 3-hour bus ride from Barcelona: it’s built around the Cadaqués Bay, located in the Cap de Creus. You can also visit the house of Salvador Dalí, which is nearby.

Weekend trips from Barcelona: Zaragoza

How about a weekend in a beautiful Spanish city that is often overlooked? Zaragoza isn’t one of Spain’s most visited destinations, but it has one of the most impressive and beautiful basilicas you’ll ever see. It’s so large that it can be seen from outside the city as you approach it by far. Located next to the river, the colourful Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar was first built in the 16th century, but the baroque finishing modifications were concluded in the 18th. In Zaragoza you can also visit the most important Islamic fortress located in Spain outside Andalucía, the Alfajería, and the fine Goya Museum, which has the largest collection of works by Francisco de Goya after El Prado Museum in Madrid. There’s more: Food is amazing! You can take the bus, the train, or go by car from Barcelona – it’s three hours away.

Weekend trips from Barcelona: Carcassonne

If you like sightseeing, one of the best weekend excursions that you can do from Barcelona is to Carcassonne, a French town that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the impressive medieval fortress located there, one of the biggest and most beautiful ones in the world. The town hides much more than the fortress (as if that wasn’t reason enough to go!), as there is more to see than the citadel. Some other beautiful monuments are the Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celse, the Cathedral and the Church of St. Vincent, as well as the Port Marengo Bridge. The best option to go there is with a car rental as you will also be able to enjoy the views of the beautiful southern France along the way. You can be there in three hours if you take the highway.

Weekend trips from Barcelona: Ibiza

Of course, among the weekend trips from Barcelona there is also a party destination: famous Ibiza, where you may have the craziest of weekends! Ibiza is famous for its clubs and its nightlife, but you can actually find whatever you need to find – either clubbing or chilling, as its beaches of white sand and turquoise waters are enough to make you forget all about your troubles. The best way to go (and the only way to go if you only have the weekend, as ferry trips take quite a few hours) is by plane – a short 45 minute flight will take you straight to this paradisiac combination of clubbing and dreamy beaches.

Weekend trips from Barcelona: Andorra

If you’re not a beach person and aren’t doing so well with the heat and humidity in Barcelona (we feel you!), what about a visit to the neighbouring country, Andorra? It sure is a more popular destination during the winter months due to the many ski resorts located there, but there is plenty to do in the Pyrenees during the summer as well. If you like hiking, it’s the best possible weekend trip from Barcelona for you. You can visit the picturesque little town of Andorra La Vella and even do some adventure sports – you will find several agencies in town. The best way to go is with a car rental (less than 3 hours from Barcelona), but don’t forget to pack lightly as you will surely want to do some shopping there – Andorra is famous for its low taxed items as well as for its beautiful landscapes.

What did you think about these weekend trips from Barcelona? If you don’t have time to do the full weekend, don’t forget to take a look at our selection of day trips from Barcelona, as there are many great options you can easily cover in one day.

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