Transport from Girona Airport to Barcelona

What? Girona Airport, also known as Girona-Costa Brava Airport or Barcelona Girona Airport
Where? Roughly 100km from Barcelona and 12 km from the centre of Girona.

Every day, more and more passengers get to Barcelona using low cost airlines. The most popular company is the Irish firm RyanAir, which has several routes from Girona Airport. However, there is also an increasing list of airlines wishing to add a route to Girona, primarily due to its proximity to Barcelona. Once you have arrived at the airport, you will probably need to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona, or indeed another destination on the Costa Brava.. There are several different ways of doing this journey:

Let’s have a look at which are the best options for getting to Barcelona city centre.

Recommended tours around Girona Airport


This is without doubt the best option, as well as being the most comfortable way of travelling to and from Barcelona and Girona. The service is run by a private company called Sagalés, which although not in cahoots with the airline companies nevertheless coincides with all airline departures. So, if you have a flight during the night or very early in the morning don’t sweat: there will be a Barcelona Bus to take you to your destination.

Girona Airport by edgaa Barcelona Bus by DoctorWho


Girona Airport – Barcelona:
You can get the bus from the parking area for buses in the airport, which is located just outside to the right and straight ahead until you get to the parking area (1 minute on foot). The bus terminates at the ‘Estación del Norte’ in Barcelona, next to the metro station ‘Arco de Triunfo’ image . The journey takes 1.15h.

Barcelona – Girona Airport:

This bus leaves from the ‘Estación del Norte’ in Barcelona and takes you directly to the bus parking area in Girona airport (the same route as the outbound trip). The journey lasts 1.15h.

The Bus timetable is available here

Price: €16 single, €25 return
Where to buy tickets: Girona Airport – at the kiosk in front of the bus parking area. Barcelona Estación del Norte – On the first floor, at the back on the left (this is a small kiosk, different to the main ticket offices) You can also book tickets over the internet using the home delivery service on Barcelona Nord’s web page.
For more information, you can also contact Sagalés, the bus company that runs this service.
Telephone number: (+34) 902 13 00 14

Barcelona Nord Bus Station in a larger map

-Make sure that when you take the bus you don’t confuse it with the bus to Girona- ask specifically for Girona Airport.
In order to find the bus within the Estación del Norte’ watch the screens- there you will see the destination and the bay number for your bus.
Buy your tickets directly at the station: it’s much quicker and easier, and there’s no real risk that they’ll run out.
-Most importantly: watch your bags. Thieves operate very frequently here so don’t leave them unguarded for even a second.
Buses run to a strict schedule and drivers do not tend to wait around for long.
You cannot eat or drink on the bus.

Barcelona Sants Station by Jorge Franganillo Train to Barcelona from Girona by Lorentey

Girona Airport – Barcelona:
If you do decide to get the train to Barcelona, you first need to get to the ‘Estación Central de Girona’ (Girona central station). You have 2 options for making this short journey: by bus, which leaves every half hour from the airport and takes about 20 to 25 minutes (a single ticket costs €2.15) or by taxi which costs about €10. Here you can check the bus timetable . Once you have arrived at Girona, you can get a train from there which will take you to Estación Barcelona-Sants.

Barcelona – Girona Airport:
The same journey as above, in reverse. From Sants Estación you need to take the train to ‘Estación Central de Girona’ and from there take a bus (€2.15 for a single) or a taxi to get to the airport

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There are two types of trains that connect Girona with Barcelona, leaving every half hour or 25 minutes:

Talgo Trains
  • Route: Sants Estació – Barcelona
    1 hour
    Return ticket price: €
    16 in standard and €22 in first class.
  • All Talgo trains have seats in both standard and first class, a café service, music and videos.
Estrella Trains
  • A night-time service designed for long-distance travel, allowing you to get between the main cities.
    Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
    Sants Estació.
    Price: €
    14.30 in standard and €19 in first class.


Train tickets can be purchased directly at Sants station in Barcelona or bought online from the RENFE’s official webpage, or alternatively by telephone.
The RENFE website
Timetables and bookings

Telephone: (+34)
902 24 02 02 – for information and bookings.



Taxis can be found just in front of the airport’s main exit and the approximate price from the airport to the centre of Girona is between 6 and 10 Euros, depending on the number of suitcases you are carrying. The cost to travel to Barcelona will be more than 70 Euros, depending on the number of suitcases and the area of the city to which you are travelling.

Barcelona taxi by .Robert.

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Other destinations on the Costa Brava by bus

Not all tourists arriving in Girona are necessarily going to Barcelona. There are many who prefer to go to the Costa Brava, especially during the summer months. There are several different buses which go to the main beach resorts along the Costa Brava from Girona airport, such as Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Tossa de Mar, etc.

Below you will find a list of useful links that you can check out in order to find the bus that you need:

Girona Airport>Girona

Girona Airport> Blanes>Malgrat de Mar>Santa Susanna>Pineda de Mar>Calella de La Costa.

Girona Airport> Tossa de Mar > Lloret de Mar

Bon voyage to Barcelona or to the Costa Brava!



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