The charities we champion

The causes and projects we're proud to support

Here at GowithOh, we’re committed to supporting charitable organisations whose values and vision match our own. We want to contribute to their good work, and over recent years have established valued relationships with a number of charities and NGOs in different fields.

As you can probably imagine, we receive hundreds of requests from very worthy causes every year. The truth is that many of these causes appeal to issues close to our hearts, and it’s always a difficult call in deciding on exactly which ones to support.

How we choose our charity partners

We do everything we can to analyse and evaluate the proposals before us. Above all, we want to work with credible organisations that can demonstrate an established track record in their area of specialisation. Where possible, we visit the premises of the organisations we work with, to get a first-hand idea of their people, structure and ethos.

In the past, we've tended to favour those projects with a focus on improving education in the third world. This could be improving access to or the quality of primary, secondary or higher education. It could also have a wider scope, such as teaching people the skills and knowledge that will stand them in good stead for the long term. For example, agricultural projects that encourage self-sufficiency, or projects aimed at improving long-term healthcare prospects for a region’s population.