Dec 2011

Re-launch of Oh-Barcelona.com sets new standard for online travel industry

Here at Open House Group we’re delighted to announce the re-launch of our original website – Oh-Barcelona.com. With a host of innovative features that set a new standard in its field, the re-launched site embodies our values of quality, transparency, responsive service, and of course, value for money.

This move is particularly significant for us as the launch of Oh-Barcelona.com marked the founding of Open House Group back in 1997. Since then, we’ve expanded our operations to nine of Europe´s must-visit cities, and have become one of the largest holiday accommodation providers in Europe.

We wanted to mix the best aspects of the website as it’s developed over the years with new features, to make it even more useful to anyone who’s considering coming to Barcelona. A particularly significant addition is an ‘area guide’ section that allows users to explore detailed information on each of Barcelona’s barrios – through descriptions, photos and on-the-ground video footage. Alongside this, there’s a full city guide that gives you the chance to appreciate the Catalan capital from countless different perspectives.

User-generated content will play a huge role in the new site. Not only will customers’ reviews continue to feature prominently as an important part of our accommodation pages, but users will also be encouraged to comment and ask questions through Facebook. The information that we provide at Oh-Barcelona.com will therefore be constantly evolving in line with the needs and experiences of our users.

Of course, our commitment to providing the best-priced accommodation in Barcelona will remain unchanged and we continue to challenge our customers to find cheaper hostels, hotels and apartments in the city. As a bonus to every booking, our exclusive set of discount vouchers remains completely free to clients.  We’ve negotiated these special savings directly with over 50 companies across the city, providing our clients with a great way to make their holiday spending money go further.


Jörg Lahmann

CEO and owner

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