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«More than just a club». That's the slogan of the Football Club Barcelona, a statement that reflects the spirit of the club. Used for the first time in 1968, the slogan of a club intended to express the ambitions of the FC Barcelona to become more than a football club, to become the most important sports institution of Catalonia - but not just that. Even if the «més que un club» (the original slogan in Catalan) was created after 60 years of history, the founder of the FC Barcelona already had in mind for his football club to be something else. Gamper intended for the FC Barcelona to be patriotic, a pride for Catalonia. And thus he brought it closer to the Catalan political and cultural movement.

And we can now say that FC Barcelona really is «more than just a club». In Barcelona, its victories are celebrated and transcend politics - not all FC Barcelona's supporters sympathise with the independent movements, but we can't deny that is a source of pride for those who do. And, of course, it did manage to become the most important sports institution of Catalonia, and, together with Real Madrid, also the most important of Spain.

The FC Barcelona has its stadium, the magnificent Camp Nou, in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The Camp Nou is a mecca for football aficionados, so don't miss the following lines in order to learn all about it - including information about FC Barcelona online tickets for the stadium, the football matches, and the history of the club and the stadium itself!

The best football club in the world

Football Club Barcelona, also known as FC Barcelona or just Barça, was founded in year 1899 by former Swiss sportsman Hans Gamper - who would be later known in Catalonia as Joan Gamper. He moved to Barcelona in 1899, and wanted to contribute to the popularisation of football and thus founded the first FC Barcelona, then known as Club Football of Barcelona. After its first decade, the club had already won its firsts trophies, but it started to grow and win more and more in the decade of 1910.

The 1920s would be its first golden age: The FC Barcelona won four Cups of Spain and its first Spanish League, and they inaugurated their first big stadium, the Camp of Les Corts, that could seat 30.000 people. However, the club's darkest times were about to start as well. The stadium was closed in 1925 by Primo de Rivera, a Spanish dictator, and in the 1930s the real crisis started. Joan Gamper committed suicide, and the Spanish Civil War only deepened the crisis of the club. After Franco's dictatorship started, the president of the club started to be designated directly by the authorities.
However, in the 40s, the FC Barcelona started to recover in terms of sport and number of members, and it became a symbol of the fight against Franco. The stadium became one of the few public spaces where people could express their views, and then the slogan «more than just a club» was born.

The Camp Nou was inaugurated in 1957, and suffered later works to host more people until the almost 100.000 seats it has today. It has seen the consecution of many of the 119 official titles the FC Barcelona has won, which make it one of the best and most successful football clubs in the history world, together with its eternal rival, Real Madrid. Nowadays, it is at the top of the rankings.

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