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At the southern end of Barcelona, next to the sea, stands a hill that has it all: Beautiful gardens, wonderful museums, a medieval fortress, a palace, an amphitheatre, an enormous cemetery and large sport stadiums. Montjuic has been key in Barcelona's history, even if it had to surrender its throne to other spots in the era of tourism. Still, the beautiful Mountain of Montjuic is one of the historical, most important landmarks of this beautiful Mediterranean city.

Montjuic is protected as part of Barcelona's heritage for many reasons, but especially for the presence there of the jewish cemetery of Montjuic, the largest medieval jewish cemetery in Europe.

Montjuic: A unique place with an interesting history

Montjuic has always been a key place in Barcelona. Nowadays, it can be overshadowed by other more famous attractions, such as the Sagrada Familia or the Park Guell - Even the Tibidabo mountain and amusement park have stolen the show, in terms of a high point to see the city. Still, Montjuic has had a long, interesting history as a strategic place in the city of Barcelona. Together with the old fortress that used to be located in the Parc de la Ciutadella, the mountain of Montjuic was key to keep the city under control. Many military men know this and used is as such in different Spanish wars. The Spanish Civil War was no different. It was the stage for many executions, including that of the Catalan president Lluís Companys, and the authorities of France used the castle as a prison until 1960.

However, not everything Montjuic has witnessed has been so tragic. The Olympic Games of 1992 gave some joy to the city and to the mountain, linking it to sports forever. Still, it wasn't the main big international event hosted there, since it had already seen the Expo celebrated in Barcelona in 1929. And did you know that the '92 Olympics weren't the first international sports event hosted in Montjuic? It used to be a Formula 1 circuit, but it was only used in four occasions - the last time, in 1975, an accident took the lives of 5 people from the audience, and it was judged as a too dangerous location.

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