A magical mountain for the believers and a true delight for the hikers

Visit the iconic monastery Montserrat, close to Barcelona!

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Barcelona is a wonderful city, we all know that: It is a destination worth choosing several times in life, as it offers a friendly and exciting atmosphere, a vibrant nightlife, great food and beautiful beaches. Even if you're not much into city tourism, or sightseeing is not your main goal when travelling, this Mediterranean city is incredibly fit for a summer vacation. Or a winter vacation, as it isn't cold at all!

But not everybody knows that Barcelona is also in a privileged location. And why? Well, the city is surrounded by mountain and seaside, so you can explore many different landscapes. And, for mountains, yes, the Tibidabo is the closest one, and the preferred destination for the hikers, but there is a very unique option not so far from the city: the mountain of Montserrat, probably the most characteristic mountain of the region of Catalonia, and also deeply attached to its traditions and imaginary. In Montserrat you will also find the Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat, as well as the Virgin of Montserrat, one of the few black madonnas in Europe.

In the following lines, you will be able to learn more about such a special place, one of the best day trips that you can choose to make when visiting Barcelona. This city has very special surroundings, and Montserrat is quite the proof of that.

The Mountain of Montserrat

The mountain of Montserrat is a multi-peaked range of an eminently rocky nature, which is located in the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range, one of the two mountain ranges that follow the Mediterranean seaside. Montserrat has a very particular shape, as its many peaks look somewhat rounded in some points and resemble fingers from some perspectives. The many peaks can also remind you of a saw ?in fact, that image is in the very same name of the mountain: "Montserrat" means, in Catalan, "serrated mountain" (and it is also a female name in the same language!). Its a beautiful, natural place, and if you decide to hike there, you may be lucky enough to see some of the fauna that populates the area, such as the toad, the eagle, the wild boars and wild goats, as well as owls, bats and several kinds of beautiful birds.

The unique shape of the mountain of Montserrat placed it in the Catalan imaginary, and created a strong link between the mountain and its history and traditions. The mountain has always been strongly linked to spirituality ?it is in no way casual that the abbey is there. There is even a legend that says that the image of the Virgin of Montserrat was found in the Sacred Cave. The legend says that, in year 880, some shepherds saw a light coming down from the sky, as they heard a beautiful tune. It was a Saturday. The following Saturday, the same thing happened, and it kept taking place every week, at the same moment. The bishop heard about it, and then the sacred image was found in the cave. It is said that the bishop wanted to take the vision to Manresa, the closest important town, but it became so heavy that it had to stay there -and thus a chapel was built, and later an abbey. This vision the shepherds had so many years ago has lived on until today, as the mountain of Montserrat has a reputation of being magical. The locals claim to see weird and shiny lights that pass by and disappear. The monks of the abbey have no explanation for them, and they are part of the mystery of this magical place.

But the magic doesn't end here. Many different things have been claimed about the mountain of Montserrat. Some say the Holy Grail is hidden in the core of the mountain ?Hitler himself was convinced of it, and sent Heinrich Himmler to look into it when he visited with Franco in 1940. Others say that it's a good place for UFO sighting, and a group of believers gathers there the 11th of every month since the 70s. And other legends talk about a secret connection to Agharta, the underground kingdom of the gods, or about a portal to Atlantis.

But let's now go to the facts. There are many beautiful churches and chapels in the mountain of Montserrat, some of them abandoned. The expert hikers can collect beautiful images and memories from this spiritual, beautiful and magnificent place. The mountain of Montserrat stands out in what looks as a plain, even if it's not very high (its highest peak, Sant Jeroni, is 1,236 metres high). But its finger-like rocks are vey difficult to forget. Maybe, those who spend enough time there will be lucky enough to also see some of the mysterious lights.

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