Sonar Kids

When: June
CCCB & MACBA venues of Barcelona
How Much:
0 – 3 years old: Free entry
1-Day Ticket 4 – 14 years old: 14€
1-Day Ticket aged 15 and over: 20€
When: From 10:30am to 8pm

If you’re not a kid, or don’t have a kid, what are you doing here?! See our article on the official Sonar Festival with everything you need to know about the upcoming electronic music festival.

The concept of “Family Leisure” is lovely, really, but not always very thrilling? Why can’t we share our interests with our kids?
Parents gather round, Sonar Kids is something you can do with the kids that you’ll actually both enjoy. Something original and new, with over 40 exciting workshops to do, the aim of Sonar Kids is to open up tiny minds with a winning formula of Music + Technology + Education
Enter a world created for kids, think Willy Wonkas factory, without the death traps, everything shaped to kiddy height, sounds for questioning and receptive ears.

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The Making of Sonar Kids



The acts for SonarKids will be playing in Plaça Joan Coromines, it’s set to be a very happy space. Waltz around to Jimi Tenors feel good charming percussion band which includes old drum machines, a sax, and a flute. SeñorloboFeroz a sunny eclectic-ism of cartoon samples to spur on imaginative heads. The Pinker Selectors are also set to play, click through for a full line-up

Jimi Tenor Joan Miquel Oliver
SeñorloboFeroz Electrotoylets

Creative Experiences
Artist Jordi Labanda will be mural-ing up an entire wall of the MACBA, which anyone is welcome to colour in and add to!
Budding little DJs can get into SonarKids DJ workshops with the help of some experienced teachers from the Microfusa School of sound. There are also Beat boxing workshops!
Kids can make their own unique and colourful vinyl cotton designed bags with SirenaConJersey.
The Festival will also have some classic videogames to play, for the kids to discover and the parents to rediscover.
Bring your skateboards, as there will be two different ramps up, one for the tots and one for the tweenies.

Colour a mural with Jordi Labanda
Interactive Workshop 0>100
brings you an interactive musical journey through the ins and outs of electronic music at the Auditori MACBA.
4 different musicians in 4 different cities will be tele-transported to the festival for one big groupie fest of Tambourine, Harmonica and Plastic Sax monsters, families are welcome to bring their own and join in

Tips and Advice

  • Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Don’t stress over trying to fit in all these amazing activities into one day, the same workshops will work over 2 days, so whatever you couldn’t fit in the first time around, relax there’s plenty of time to knock yourself out

map of Sonar Kids

The Sonar Kids festival will be encouraging creative behavior everywhere, and there will be lots more inventive activities, including an architecture workshop. What do you think about the festival? Will you be taking your kids? Should there be more festivals like this for kids?


Official Website:

Where to buy tickets:
By phone
From abroad (except UK): +34 93 275 22 94
From UK: 0844 277 4321
From Spain: 902 150 025
Monday to Friday from 9am to 10pm; Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 10pm
In the Ticketmaster sale points throughout Spain.
Complete list available at
CCCB/MACBA c/ Montalegre, 5


    • Hi John,
      Unfortunately I don’t think there are, but if you’re bringing kids, Sonar kids festival should definately be something for the both of you.
      If there is anything else I can help you with at all, feel free to ask.
      Enjoy Barcelona!



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