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Monthly rental and seasonal rental in Barcelona

Have you ever visited the city of Barcelona? The so-called Ciutat Comptal (because in the past its maximum authority was the Count of Barcelona) offers never-ending experiences and unforgettable moments to anybody that stops by. It''s not possible to know all its wonders in just a few days, so if Barcelona stole your heart you may be considering staying for a while in the city and you may be looking for monthly rental or seasonal rental.  

There are many things to worry about when you decide to move to another city for a while, but if you count on Oh-Barcelona, your accommodation won''t be one of them. Take a look at our apartments for monthly rent and seasonal rent in this wonderful city, use our search engine with the filters that adapt best to your particular situation and... ¡Choose! In Oh-Barcelona, we''re happy to help you knock at the door of such a vibrant city. And, once you have the ideal apartment with the characteristics you prefer, you will be able to plan the rest of your trip and make the list of all the unforgettable places you''ll get to visit during your stay.

Seasonal rent in one of the best cities in the world

Barcelona makes it easy for you to fall in love with it. There are very few people who are disappointed after visiting the city, since whatever their interests, tastes or expectations, Barcelona always has a special spot for them, a memory that they won''t find anywhere else.

Barcelona has tourist attractions and buildings of great architectural value, like the wonderful houses in Catalan Modernisme style (a mixture between Gothic style and art nouveau), by Antoni Gaudí and other architects of the same architectural movement, such as Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. You will be able to visit the impressive Sagrada Familia, the eternally unfinished cathedral, the Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and the unique Park Guell. You will also be able to enjoy the delicious Gothic Quarter and its twisted little streets in ochre colours, the cosy neighbourhood of Gràcia, with its family business, cafés and unique bars, and its picturesque little plazas. And we must not forget the many incredible museums that you can find in the city, such as the famous Picasso Museum and the MACBA, Barcelona''s Museum of Contemporary Art, which is internationally known and respected.

But there''s more than just going to museums and doing cultural visits, because Barcelona offers tons and tons of fun. You can enjoy nature by climbing the Tibidabo mountain (and, if you go early in the morning, you will still have time to go to the amusement park located there!), or you can watch the horizon from the city beaches, which are as nice during the summer as they are during the winter. At night, you will be able to enjoy the many concerts and clubs available, but it''s OK if you''re not in the mood for dancing: you will find pubs and bars where you can talk and laugh until 3 or 5 in the morning.

And if that weren''t enough, Barcelona is surrounded by an incredible environment, since there are many landscapes and cities that you can visit in the region of Catalonia. You need a little bit more than an hour to arrive to the city of Girona, beautiful and embellished by the river that crosses it, or to Tarragona, whose Roman ruins gave it the status of a World Heritage Site. And there are also incredible places like the mountain of Montserrat or charming seaside villages like Sitges.

As you can see, Barcelona is a great city where to live for a while. And Oh-Barcelona can help you find a home!

Monthly rent and seasonal rent... Wherever you want!

If you''re set on spending a few months in this wonderful city, you''re in luck, because, besides helping you find the best apartments, in Oh-Barcelona you can also choose in what area of Barcelona you want to stay.

  • Monthly rent in the city centre: Undoubtedly, it is the most crowded area of Barcelona, and one of the most advantageous. It''s close to the sea, close to the party areas and, besides, it includes some of the most unique parts of the city, like the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of El Raval or the beautiful Gothic Quarter and El Born. The only disadvantage is that, since it is the oldest part of Barcelona, many of the apartments located there are smaller and some don''t have an elevator. However, you don''t have to worry, because here at Oh-Barcelona we make sure that you have all the information you need about them and that they have high quality standards. Besides, you will be able to feel like the locals!
  • Monthly rent in L''Eixample: Now you have the opportunity of staying in the most famous expansion district in the world, architecture-wise. L''Eixample is the largest district of Barcelona, so it''s formed by several neighbourhoods. You can choose an accommodation close to the elegant avenue of Passeig de Gràcia, where you will be able to admire the beautiful buildings designed by Gaudí and other architects, or you can stay closer to the legendary Sagrada Familia. Many of these apartments have all the comforts possible, as well as an elevator!
  • Monthly rent in Gràcia: You can also choose an apartment in the family neighbourhood of Gràcia, one of the cosiest of the Catalan capital. It is also a very nice area full of bars, pubs and designer''s shops; and it is close to tourist attractions such as the Park Guell. Many of these apartments, besides being totally remodelled, have terraces from which you can enjoy magnificent views of the city.
  • Monthly rent in other areas of Barcelona: Besides these main three areas, the city of Barcelona has many other parts with different characteristics, but all of them showing the genuine personality of the city. If you feel like mingling with the locals, neighbourhoods like Poblenou, Poblesec or Sants-Montjuic will help you discover a side of the city that most tourists don''t have the time to discover. Besides, areas like Poblenou or Poblesec have a cultural and nightlife quite alternative that will help you have unforgettable experiences.

Monthly rent with Oh-Barcelona

In Oh-Barcelona, we''re experts in finding the best accommodations in several European capitals, and very specially in Barcelona, where we have our headquarters. Your happiness and your satisfaction during your trip, either days-long or months-long, is what matters the most to us, which is why we know how to make space for all your needs. Are you travelling with your pet? With a group of friends? Don''t worry, because whatever your conditions, we have the ideal apartment for you.

  • Acclimatisation: If you''re sensitive to the cold, the Catalan capital is undoubtedly an apt destination for you. It is said that the winters there are less wintry! In fact, it''s quite common that in a sunny day of December or January, it turns out that your coat is a layer too many during the hottest hours of the day. Still, with Oh-Barcelona you can easily find an apartment with central heating... and also air conditioning, which is a must for the hot and humid summers of Barcelona.
  • Pets: If you''re looking for a seasonal rent in Barcelona, you don''t need to spend time apart from your best and furriest friend. Your partner in crime has a place in many of the options you can find in Oh-Barcelona''s search engine, so you won''t have any issue finding a place where animals are welcomed.
  • Groups: Maybe you decided to spend some time in Barcelona with the whole family or a group of friends; or maybe not, but you have planned to receive many visits of friends and relatives during your stay. It''s quite common when you live in such a fantastic city! If you need an apartment with several bedrooms, several beds or a sofa-bed, you can add those elements to your search. In our search engine for monthly rent and seasonal rent you can select the number of bedrooms your next headquarters in Barcelona should have.
  • Parking: Barcelona has quite a crowded urban centre, thousands of tourists and a lot of activity, which is why it is understandable that finding a place to park your card isn''t easy. In fact, most of the inhabitants of the suburban areas don''t even consider bringing their car to the city, since they wouldn''t know what to do with it, and decide to go by train or bus instead. Barcelona has a good public transportation system and the metro works quite well, but you may need to bring your vehicle with you. If that''s your case, in our search engine you will be able to find apartments with private parking so you don''t have to deal with this problem. At least, not when you go home!

As you can see, in Oh-Barcelona we have a wide offer of apartments that adapt to any preference or need. More than 15 years of experience back us up!

Oh-Barcelona was already the best option to find holiday apartments, but now it is also a safe bet to find the best monthly rental and seasonal rental. What are you waiting for? Find all the options available in our search engine!

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